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Creating History – Divine Elixir – Gift of the Gods



Of origin and high-purity, our tequila comes from the agave variety Tequilana Blue Weber and has a painstaking process that carries up to eight years or more to reach its full maturity. The process starts from the sowing of the agave variety Tequilana Blue Weber, which is unique in its kind among more than 200 agavaceous species, until it reaches the maturity necessary to enter the process of elaboration and subsequent aging.

This special feature makes it unique among the spirited beverages of the world, whose preparation cycles are much shorter, less expensive and less laborious that in the old times.

The tequila known in the pre-Hispanic period as a divine elixir for believing it was a gift from the Gods to put in the offerings, it has the exquisiteness of each batch produced by the more than 150 tequila houses recognized in Mexico, offers a unique flavor that cannot ever be reproduced despite proceeding from the same type of agave Tequilana Blue Weber variety.

The result of each batch of tequila is its special flavor and its unique personality, which makes it have its own identity that cannot be matched to any other beverage with world class and with “Denomination of Origin“.

lahacienda003From generation to generation, each producer has given his own personal touch to the beverage; each tequila producer has inherited from his parents and grandparents his unique style to elaborate it and has passed their family secrets.

In every region of the territory protected by the Designation of Origin, the water is different, as well as the earth has different mineral and organic components, and the sun pours its caressing rays giving a different warmth to the same according to the geographical position resulting in unique characteristics of the agave.

The conditions that give uniqueness to tequila are many; no one can fully identify them, although the authenticity and excellence of the Mexican beverage is recognized around the world.

Between the two regions, which produce nearly 100% of the tequila in the world, as is the Valley of Tequila and the region of Los Altos, there are significant differences that give it different tones and special flavors. In the region of Los Altos, the beverage produced has tastes to flowers, fruits, and perfumed, the Valley of Tequila offers a drier taste to the palate. There are those who say that it is the earth, others that it is the water and many more that this is the manufacturing process, but each region has its followers.

Of course, the equipment used in the production intervenes in the final outcome of the product, if it is a traditional masonry oven or if it is cooked in stainless steel autoclave, if the agave is milled in modern or traditional “tahona” mills, if it is distilled in a copper still or in a stainless steel one, if it is fermented with the fiber of the agave or without it and with which yeast is the process enriched, but whatever the reason and the method, the beverages recognized by the Tequila Regulatory Council CRT, a body that protects the quality and respect to the Denomination of Origin, will always be genuine tequilas with natural purity.

The Tequila Regulatory Council CRT monitors since its creation in 1994 the respect for the NORM and the compliance with the guidelines, a compelling reason that distinguishes tequila as a unique beverage produced in Mexico.